Will She Blackmail You?

“Just imagine what might happen if she blackmails you” When a woman is angry, there are no limits to what she will do. If you’ve never been blackmailed before, you can consider yourself lucky. If you want to make sure that you never experience what it feels like to be blackmailed by a woman, there are a few things you can do to help decrease your chances of letting your well-being fall into the wrong hands. She’s Too Demanding “She wants you to leave your wife” Some men enjoy a demanding woman. Whether they get turned on by an extremely assertive woman, or they’re simply amused by it, some men just like for their women to call the shots. It is fine if you’re the type of guy who likes assertive women. However, remember to keep in mind that some demanding women can be quick to blackmail you if they don’t get what they want. You should look out for things like playful blackmailing. This is when you there are no problems between the two of you and you know for certain that she is just joking. For example, if you’re standing naked in front of her and she laughs and says she’s going to push you outside if you…

Places to Go When Your Place Is Not an Option

“Take her to a hotel room where it’s just the two of you” Maneuvering through the minefield, having a fling while still being involved takes a lot of skill. Besides juggling a good alibi to present to your wife or girlfriend, you need to have places where you can have sex with your fling when neither of your places are an option. Generally speaking, heading over to her place is more often than not the best choice, but some women will disagree with taking you home. There are different reasons for it, and when you insist you might actually make it worse. In the end, you might go home dissatisfied. This is why you should think ahead and know of alternative places for a fun night out. The Classic: Hotels and Motels If there’s no problem with you only returning to your wife or girlfriend the next day, hotels are a good option. Many have reasonable prices and they rarely care about the reasons for your stay. Additionally, there doesn’t have to be an awkward aftermath should you stay the full night with your fling. Either of you can leave early. Though if you do, make sure to handle the bill (if you haven’t already) unless you want to have…

Getting Started with Virtual Cheating

“Hide your phone’s screen from her” Virtual cheating is a great way to cheat without actually cheating. Like cheating, you will need to make sure you are covering your tracks to prevent your wife from finding out, but we’ve found that the damage that comes from virtual cheating is significantly lower than the damage that comes from physically cheating with a woman in person. Cover Your Trail Before you even start with your virtual cheating, you will want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to cover your trail. If you share a computer with your wife, you may want to consider using a web browser that supports incognito browsing. This allows you to browse different websites without showing or saving your browsing history. If you don’t like, or feel comfortable enough to use, private browsing, you can set up your browser to delete your history right after you finish using the computer. If you have a good memory, you can also simply manually delete your browsing history. It is important that you wipe away your browsing history every time you visit any virtual dating sites. It also important to make sure you either delete or do not save any instant message history. Another thing you will want…


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