Why You Should Seek out Married Women

“Married women are more experienced in bed” If you want to have an affair for whatever reason, chances are that you’ve been seeking out younger single women to hook up with. While this does have its benefits – younger women are more likely to be wild and crazy in bed – it can also have its drawbacks. You might not have ever considered seeking out married women for your affair, but it can be the perfect solution. While married women may not be as young or crazy as the women you’re used to seeking out, they can wind up being your best chance for a solid and stress-free affair. She Understands Where You’re Coming From Obviously, a married woman will understand what it’s like to have an affair, since that will be exactly what she’s doing with you. You will not wind up with a younger woman who doesn’t understand what you want from an affair, and she won’t cling to you or demand too much of your attention. She knows the reasons why someone would want to cheat, so she will not be spending much time judging you, either. Having an affair with a woman who is in the same position will make things much easier on the both…

Juggling Act: Meeting New Women While Keeping Your Girlfriend

“He is lucky, isn’t he?” It’s every guy’s dream to have repeat sex with more than one woman. Not a lot of women are okay with a casual sex relationship. This can make it hard for you to live the dream if you’re already in a committed relationship. It doesn’t mean it’s not possible, though. You just need to be creative and be willing to lie a little. Juggling a committed relationship and multiple casual sex relationships isn’t easy. You’re going to have to be prepared. Discretion is Required If you’re heading out to the bar every night to find women willing to have sex with you, your girlfriend is probably going to notice that something is up. There’s an alternative to meeting hotties face to face. If you sign up on an online dating website you’ll be able to meet hundreds of women who are looking for the same thing that you are. Best of all, you can arrange your meet ups discreetly through the Internet. Of course, if your girlfriend likes to hack into your emails and social media you might get caught. For that reason, make a new email to register with an adult dating website. If your girlfriend doesn’t know about the new email address she…

Handy Toys for Your Date

It’s almost always exciting and new, when you’re out and have the opportunity to have a one night stand, casual date or a fling. There’s nothing wrong with ‘just’ having sex, but neither is giving it all a kinky spin for some more fun. You can’t always end up at your or her place – not to mention that it’s incredibly rude to go rummaging for her toy stash – so when you want to give your date a night to really remember, it’s a great idea to have small toys on hand. The Vibro Egg Vibrators and other powered toys aren’t necessarily for female masturbation purposes only. It’s no secret that it takes women longer to reach an orgasm and there are no rules that forbid the use of aid to get her there. Vibro Eggs come in different variations and the majority of them are small enough to inconspicuously fit in a pant pocket. If she agrees with it, remote controlled Vibro Eggs can also be slipped into her underwear or in her, leaving you with the remote to change the speed settings. Another plus is that they’re relatively cheap to come by, as far as sex toys go. Bondage Tape If you’re really into bondage or merely…

Covering Your Tracks

“Don’t let such a situation arise” Cheating is not as difficult as some guys believe. In fact, cheating can be downright easy as long as you know how to cover your tracks. Making sure to decrease your chances of being found out is not as hard as it seems, and depending on how you go about it, it can even be fun. Develop a Persona One of the best ways to help prevent you from getting caught is to develop a persona. Many guys feel like they don’t need a persona when it comes to fooling around with other women, but personas can definitely decrease the stress and anxiety you may experience that comes along with cheating. When you first start developing your persona, you should try to make it different from how you actually are. If you’re the type of guy who wears jeans and t-shirts, develop a persona who wears something completely different. However, make sure that your persona’s wardrobe won’t make your wife suspicious. You don’t want her figuring out your plan before you even put it into action. After you’ve gotten the wardrobe for your persona, start working on your persona’s identity. Give your persona a name and other identifying information. None of this should resemble…


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