Why Cheating with Your Coworkers is a Good Idea

“You can flirt during your office time” Deciding to cheat with a coworker can be both fun and a little bit tricky. As long as you’re mindful of your surroundings, you can definitely carry out a side relationship with your coworker successfully and with little issue. They Have Something to Lose Just Like You Many people will tell you to avoid dating coworkers because they believe it will lead to workplace drama. However, we happen to think that dating your coworkers is actually a great idea. One reason that you should consider dating your coworker is that they have something to lose. The economy still isn’t the very best and none of us can really risk losing our jobs, so chances are your coworker isn’t going to do anything that draws attention to either of you. Another great thing that comes along with dating your coworker is that you get to see them practically every day. While some men may not like the idea of seeing their woman on the side every day, it may work out well for you. If you spend all day with them and maybe an hour or so every now and then after work, you won’t want to risk trying to sneak away from your…

Stand Out In a Crowd When Trying to Get the Girl

“Give her a smile while looking in her eyes” With the billions and billions of people that inhabit our planet these days it can feel like you’re just one of the many fish in the sea. That’s just on a day-to-day basis. When you’re trying to go out and get a girlfriend the feeling can be even worse. First of all you aren’t going for just any woman. You’re trying to find the right one that also wants you. So that cuts out a few million before you’ve even started. But there are ways you can stand out in the crowd when you’re trying to get the girl. Put Down Your Phone “Talk to her instead of talking on your phone” Since a majority of us pretty much pop out of the womb with phones in our hands nowadays it almost seems like being on your phone constantly is like breathing. The truth is being on your phone puts you into a world of your own. You might be messaging someone, tweeting, or even looking up weird porn. Whatever you’re doing, it makes you totally unapproachable. Take this for example: remember that time when you were in an awkward social situation? You were (on the bus, at the hospital, waiting…

Places to Go When Your Place Is Not an Option

“Take her to a hotel room where it’s just the two of you” Maneuvering through the minefield, having a fling while still being involved takes a lot of skill. Besides juggling a good alibi to present to your wife or girlfriend, you need to have places where you can have sex with your fling when neither of your places are an option. Generally speaking, heading over to her place is more often than not the best choice, but some women will disagree with taking you home. There are different reasons for it, and when you insist you might actually make it worse. In the end, you might go home dissatisfied. This is why you should think ahead and know of alternative places for a fun night out. The Classic: Hotels and Motels If there’s no problem with you only returning to your wife or girlfriend the next day, hotels are a good option. Many have reasonable prices and they rarely care about the reasons for your stay. Additionally, there doesn’t have to be an awkward aftermath should you stay the full night with your fling. Either of you can leave early. Though if you do, make sure to handle the bill (if you haven’t already) unless you want to have…

How to Be the “Other Guy”

So you meet a woman who’s smoking hot and willing to have sex with you. She’s already involved in a committed relationship. If you’re a good guy, you’ll just suck it up and walk away. If you’re like most every other guy you’re still going to want to get with that. If she’s made it clear that she wants to maintain her relationship while screwing around with you, you’re going to have to be careful. She doesn’t want to get caught and you don’t want her to get caught because if she does, you lose your chance to keep hooking up with her. So how can you safely become the “other guy?” Be Patient “She’ll call you herself when she gets time” If she’s got a boyfriend or husband, it’s only normal that she’s going to have to spend time with him. If she doesn’t, he’ll start to suspect that something is up. For that reason you need to be patient. Maybe she can’t meet up with you every other night. It’s no reason to get pissed and decide to move on. If she’s an amazing lay it’s worth the wait. Remember, the longer you wait, the more sexual tension will build between you. Once you’re together again you can…

Habits to Break Before You Get Into a Relationship

When you’re in a relationship you tend to find out that there are some things that you do that are just annoying. She does them too, but that’s her own problem to work on. While you’re not always sure what exactly it is that you’re doing that somehow seems to piss her off so much, you probably notice that there’s got to be some sort of change to fix them. But an even better idea would be to prepare for your next relationship by just breaking them now. That way you won’t have to go through that awkward phase. Most men make at least a few of the same bad practices habits, like: Leaving a Trail “Learn to keep your room organized” Guys tend to leave a trail when they walk around the house. If they’re on the way to the shower the clothes come off at random spots behind him. In the kitchen the pots, pans, food, and wrappers can all make a clear path of where he was walking. It’s annoying because there seems to be a mess no matter where she goes in the house, but in actuality it’s just your crap in a line. Try to be aware of what you’re doing and bundle it all…

Cheating 101: The Lies You Have to Tell

“Lie in such a way that she doesn’t suspect you” Cheating can be simple if you don’t mind getting caught. If you want to keep your committed relationship and still screw around on the side, you need to use certain tactics. In some ways cheating can be complicated. There are strategies and methods to use to make sure you can get laid with other women on the side while keeping your main woman happy. The most important part of cheating is being able to tell believable lies. If you’re a shitty liar, you’re not going to be able to swing it. If you’ve turned lying into an art, however, you should be good to go. You Miss Her Women want to know that they’re missed when you’re apart. If you’re spending large chunks of time hooking up with other women but always seem detached when you’re with your girlfriend, it’s going to look weird. Make her believe that you do miss her when you’re apart. This can be as simple as just telling her. If you want to go that extra mile, buy her presents when you come home. Flowers and jewelry can go a long way toward making your lie believable. You Need Her “Tell her that you can’t…


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