Why One-Night Stands are Better than Friends-with-Benefits

Some people like to argue about whether or not a one-night stand is better than being in a friends-with-benefits relationship. Why being friends with benefits can be nice, we think that one-night stands have more to offer you than a friends-with-benefits could ever hope to. Before you decide that friends-with-benefits is right for you, take some time to discover the great thing about one-night stands. Less Drama “Almost all relationships go through a drama phase” When you have a one-night stand with someone, it greatly decreases your chance of having to deal with a drama queen later one, especially if the woman you were with doesn’t have any of your contact information. Sometimes you may simply be looking for sex without any type of relationship involved. Regardless of what anyone else may tell you, friendship is still a type of relationship. As you know, relationships require effort for both parties and more often than not, they require give and take. If you have a friends-with-benefits relationship with a woman, you may never know what to expect from her. One minute she may call you to tell you how badly she wants you inside of her and the next minute she may call you and ask you to help her move…

To The Point Ways to Ask Her Out

There are plenty of advice columns about subtle ways to get a woman’s attention or polite ways to ask her out on a date. But sometimes you seriously just need to get to the point and tell her that you want to go out with her. While these moves are brash and could get you a rejection, more often than not they pay off with; you guessed it, a date. That’s because by being straightforward you’re giving off maximum confidence and minimum fear. Most women will be pretty swept up in your approach and might seem like they’re in a little bit of a haze when you propose going out. We’re Going to Lunch Together When you’re with a group of friends and meet one of their other acquaintances the option of having lunch together works very well. After meeting her for the second or third time, you simply find a moment where not a lot is going on while you’re all together and tell her that you’re eating together. If you’re at a college campus you can always make it sound as if you’re going to the cafeteria and then pull a fast one by taking her off campus. Example: “We’re going to lunch together.” At this point you’d…

Shopping for Your Girlfriend and Your Affair at the Same Time

“Do not mix up the shopping bags by mistake” Buying presents for the women in your life is something that you probably already know is very important. Women love to be spoiled and pampered, and one way to go about that is to buy them gifts that you know they’ll love. While it can be expensive to juggle both your existing partner as well as a woman on the side, it will be beneficial to you if you spend the extra money to buy both of them gifts. Instead of suffering through multiple shopping trips, you should always try to get your shopping done for both women at the same time. Knowing how to go about this somewhat daunting task will help you greatly in the future. Why You Should Shop for Both at the Same Time Shopping for both of the women in your life at the same time is beneficial for several reasons. First and most obviously, you save time that could be better spent doing something less painful than shopping. What you may not have considered, is that you also get to compare the two gifts. You want to buy something different for your wife or girlfriend versus what you buy for your affair, and if you…

Break up Pitfalls When You’ve Got a Lot to Lose

Breaking up is never easy. It’s even harder when you’re ending an affair. Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t much risk in a steady, ongoing affair. It’s when you’re trying to end things that you’re at the most risk. Here at the pitfalls when you’re breaking up with a woman who’s got all the dirt on you. Can She Blackmail You Basically, is there anyway that she could tell everyone (including your wife or girlfriend) that she had an affair with you and come out smelling like roses? If possible, you want to be with a woman who can’t really come forward about the affair. Whether she’s married too, or she has some other compromising thing that you could tell the world about her, the specifics don’t matter. It just means that it’s always best to have some counter blackmail material to encourage her to accept a break up with grace instead of a tantrum and attempt to ruin your life. If she can blackmail you, you need to go out of your way to make the break up as easy as possible. We’ll share more on that later. Is There Cause for Revenge Be really honest here for a moment. Does she have cause to want to get revenge…


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