No Strings Attached Vs One Night Stands for Affairs

Looking for a great sexual fling outside of your steady relationship? A lot of men are, but they’re not sure exactly what they should go after. Both one night stands and no strings attached relationships seem like they’re going to be great fun, and they are. But how do they stack up for a man looking to get something extra out of life? Satisfactory Sex Generally speaking, no strings attached relationships come out ahead of one night stands when it comes to having better sex. The reason for this is that most one night stands happen while you’re drunk. You’re drunk, she’s drunk, and what seems in your head to be a night of intense sexual chemistry was actually just sort of drunkenly paying at each other in the corner of the bar. Sex might be your only goal while drunk, but drunk sex actually isn’t all that good. Not to mention that the really mind blowing sex doesn’t happen on first time together. The thrill of the new is awesome, but the best moves require trust and the knowledge of each other’s bodies. You can have thrills enough by knowing that you’re cheating with her. It doesn’t have to be your first time to feel awesome. Chance She’ll Find…

Keeping the Other Woman – Things to Tell Your Fling So She Doesn’t Leave You

It’s not unusual that when you have reached a point in your relationship at which you start considering affairs that you’ll find your fling becoming new relationship potential. It may not be what you plan to happen, but it’s not possible to completely rule it out. Once you do find yourself in this situation, you’ll also want to be honest with your potential new partner to avoid her having hard feelings over you keeping your current relationship a secret. But some women have issues with being involved with already taken men, so you’ll need to find a way to keep her until you’ve broken up with your current partner. Situations like that have certain critical points and when you reach them, you have to make the right choices. When Confessing to Still Being Involved Once you’ve realized that you want things to work out between you and your fling for more than just a few nights of fun, you need to take the risk of telling her of your current involvement. No one enjoys being lied to, nor is it beneficial for a possible future relationship when you’re keeping big secrets. If you do and it comes out at a later point, she’ll constantly question if you have any other…

How Many is Too Many?

Dating multiple women can be fun and exhilarating. If you are a man who likes a bit of variety, juggling a few different women could be exactly what you’re looking for. However, too much of a good thing can end up going bad really quickly, so make sure that you’re not biting off more than you can chew. You’re Getting Them Mixed Up “Getting confused can get you caught” While you may take a lot of pride in dating multiple women while still being in a relationship with your wife or girlfriend, more often that not, there is a limit to how many women you can date before things start becoming stressful and complicated. One of the first signs that may tell you that it’s time to let some women go is when you start mixing them up. Even if it only happens once or twice, the chances are that if you continue to date multiple women, it is going to keep happening. The same goes for if you happen to forget one or more of their names. Another huge issue that comes along with dating too many women in addition to your wife or girlfriend is that you start believing that something one of the other women has said…

Habits to Break Before You Get Into a Relationship

When you’re in a relationship you tend to find out that there are some things that you do that are just annoying. She does them too, but that’s her own problem to work on. While you’re not always sure what exactly it is that you’re doing that somehow seems to piss her off so much, you probably notice that there’s got to be some sort of change to fix them. But an even better idea would be to prepare for your next relationship by just breaking them now. That way you won’t have to go through that awkward phase. Most men make at least a few of the same bad practices habits, like: Leaving a Trail “Learn to keep your room organized” Guys tend to leave a trail when they walk around the house. If they’re on the way to the shower the clothes come off at random spots behind him. In the kitchen the pots, pans, food, and wrappers can all make a clear path of where he was walking. It’s annoying because there seems to be a mess no matter where she goes in the house, but in actuality it’s just your crap in a line. Try to be aware of what you’re doing and bundle it all…

Forbidden Thrills: Getting a Woman with a Cheating Kink

If you think that being in a relationship is always going to drag you down in the dating scene than you’re living in a different world. Out here there are plenty of women who prefer their man to be committed to someone else. Whether she’s a single mom whose first priority is her kids, meaning a fling with a committed man fits perfectly into her schedule, or a busy business woman who likes knowing that she doesn’t have to give up her career for you, you have plenty of options. The best one though is women who prefer being the other woman as a kink. Scope the Kink Sites If you want to have the best fling of your life, then you should scope out the kink sites. Even if you’re not a kinky guy over all, you should look for a woman who’s into humiliation and control. Most guys can get into this a little. That’s all you really need to please her; the biggest draw for her will be that you’re already in a relationship. Cheating is a somewhat taboo topic even among really kinky communities, so you should be prepared to have to look around a little to meet a woman who’s open about what she wants.…


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