Why Cheating with an Older Woman is a Good Idea

If you’re ready to cheat but aren’t sure who to cheat with, you should consider having a fling with an older woman. Older women have experience and knowledge that she can offer to you that will help you better with your own cheating. Most importantly, cheating with an older woman can be downright fun. They’re More Experienced “Older women are sexually more experienced” Chances are that when you cheat with an older woman, she knows exactly what to expect. In fact, she has probably been the other woman at least once in her life, so she more than likely won’t get mad when she finds out that you’re already in a relationship. Many times an older woman really just wants to find someone to sleep with when the urge arises. You don’t have to worry about older women whining and complaining and wanting to know what you’re doing every second of the day. She probably has her own business to attend to and knows that when the two of you meet up, it will be worth it. Sometimes an older woman can show you exactly how to cheat, helping you to decrease the risk of getting caught. If you are certain that she has your best interest in mind, listen…

Small Signs That She’s Mad At You

It’s easy to tell when a woman is really pissed at you. She might yell and scream or threaten to leave. But the fierce in-your-face anger is obvious. What’s even more dangerous is when you can’t actually tell if she’s mad. As men we’re oblivious to the little signs that a woman might use when she’s mad. She says “I’m fine” and we move on. But there are more small signs than we can comprehend that she’ll use to tell you what’s going on. Take note of them and you could become her dream guy. “I’m Fine” “Oh yes. She is mad at you for some reason” If you still think that this little phrase means that she’s actually fine then you’ve been living under a rock. This is the quintessential sentence of a woman’s anger. She says that she’s fine because she expects you to know better. The sentence itself is short and to the point, more often than not accompanied with a complete lack of warmth in the voice. If she looks less than happy and sounds like ice then you should recognize her anger and either back away slowly or ask what you can do to help. She Doesn’t Text You First Women like to do those…

How to Subtly Check out Other Women

“Check out other women behind her back” Going out on dates with your girlfriend or wife can start to become a serious drag if you aren’t being satisfied by the relationship. You would probably much rather be on a date with a woman you’re having an affair with. However, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go out on a date with your girlfriend or wife in order to keep her happy and make sure she doesn’t get suspicious about anything. You’ve probably been tempted to check out other women while you’re out with your partner before, but if she catches you doing this, there is bound to be trouble. Knowing how to subtly check out other women will help keep you safe and out of trouble. How to Do It without Getting Caught The first thing you should take into account when trying to check out other women is that there is a right and wrong way to go about it. If you ogle a woman’s assets for an extended period of time, your woman is bound to notice. Quick glances are much easier to hide and much easier to explain away, but the long stares are what can kill you. If you know your woman has a…


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