Ways to Avoid Getting Emotionally Invested in Your Affair

“Don’t get emotionally attached. It was just an affair” When women are asked what upsets them most about their husbands or boyfriends cheating, the answer usually has less to do with sex and more to do with an emotional connection. Women feel betrayed more by finding out their partner had an emotional connection with another woman rather than finding out their partner had sex with another woman. For this and for several other reasons, avoiding an emotional investment in your affair is important if you want to succeed. It will keep you from becoming dependent and it will help you keep from getting caught as well. Make and Establish Boundaries Establishing boundaries is one of the most important parts of making sure you don’t become emotionally invested in your affair. If you let your woman on the side cling to you and talk to you constantly, she will become emotionally dependent on you, and in most cases you may start becoming dependent on her as well. Know your boundaries. If you just want to hook up with a woman, don’t take her out on romantic dates, even if you think it may be the only way of keeping the relationship going. The more romantic you get with her, the more…

How to Convince Her That She’s the Only One You Want

“Tell her that you cannot live without her” When you start having affairs, it can be difficult to know exactly how to please the women in your life without having things explode in your face. Sometimes it can feel downright impossible. It’s important to make your affair feel special while also keeping things relatively normal at home, at least until you’re ready to decide whether or not to stay with your current girlfriend or wife. You will want to wind up reassuring your wife or girlfriend that: she’s the one you want, so that she doesn’t get suspicious. You may also want to let your affair know that she’s special to you, especially if she doesn’t know you’re married or dating someone else. Stick to Your Routine Sticking to your established routine is very important when trying to make sure women feel secure in their relationship with you. This is true for your established relationship as well as your affair. If you usually meet or go out at a certain time, stick to that time. This is a good way of making sure the woman doesn’t get suspicious as well as subtly reassuring her that you care about her, which is always something you want to encourage. Don’t forgo date…

Habits to Break Before You Get Into a Relationship

When you’re in a relationship you tend to find out that there are some things that you do that are just annoying. She does them too, but that’s her own problem to work on. While you’re not always sure what exactly it is that you’re doing that somehow seems to piss her off so much, you probably notice that there’s got to be some sort of change to fix them. But an even better idea would be to prepare for your next relationship by just breaking them now. That way you won’t have to go through that awkward phase. Most men make at least a few of the same bad practices habits, like: Leaving a Trail “Learn to keep your room organized” Guys tend to leave a trail when they walk around the house. If they’re on the way to the shower the clothes come off at random spots behind him. In the kitchen the pots, pans, food, and wrappers can all make a clear path of where he was walking. It’s annoying because there seems to be a mess no matter where she goes in the house, but in actuality it’s just your crap in a line. Try to be aware of what you’re doing and bundle it all…


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