The Top Three Things Men Wish They Knew Before They Had an Affair

Good relationship advice is hard to find. It’s even harder to find good advice about your relationships on the side. If you’re looking for real advice for affairs and managing them you’ve come to the right place. These are the top three things that men who have had affairs wish they could have known going on. NSA Relationships Are Better You’re not looking for a second wife or girlfriend. Not really. As great a woman as the woman you’re having an affair with is, and as much fun as you might have with her, she’s not really what you’re looking for. If you want to have the most perks of an outside the relationship experience with the least risks, then you need to get a no strings attached romance ASAP. You don’t need a second girlfriend. You need someone you can have fun with and who lets you feel like a man. If you can get in, get that, and get on with your life without getting into a whole second set of emotional obligations than your life will be a lot smoother. That Strange Is Good on Its Own A lot of guys are hung up on the idea that they should be chasing perfect 10s to have an…

Stand Out In a Crowd When Trying to Get the Girl

“Give her a smile while looking in her eyes” With the billions and billions of people that inhabit our planet these days it can feel like you’re just one of the many fish in the sea. That’s just on a day-to-day basis. When you’re trying to go out and get a girlfriend the feeling can be even worse. First of all you aren’t going for just any woman. You’re trying to find the right one that also wants you. So that cuts out a few million before you’ve even started. But there are ways you can stand out in the crowd when you’re trying to get the girl. Put Down Your Phone “Talk to her instead of talking on your phone” Since a majority of us pretty much pop out of the womb with phones in our hands nowadays it almost seems like being on your phone constantly is like breathing. The truth is being on your phone puts you into a world of your own. You might be messaging someone, tweeting, or even looking up weird porn. Whatever you’re doing, it makes you totally unapproachable. Take this for example: remember that time when you were in an awkward social situation? You were (on the bus, at the hospital, waiting…

Handy Toys for Your Date

It’s almost always exciting and new, when you’re out and have the opportunity to have a one night stand, casual date or a fling. There’s nothing wrong with ‘just’ having sex, but neither is giving it all a kinky spin for some more fun. You can’t always end up at your or her place – not to mention that it’s incredibly rude to go rummaging for her toy stash – so when you want to give your date a night to really remember, it’s a great idea to have small toys on hand. The Vibro Egg Vibrators and other powered toys aren’t necessarily for female masturbation purposes only. It’s no secret that it takes women longer to reach an orgasm and there are no rules that forbid the use of aid to get her there. Vibro Eggs come in different variations and the majority of them are small enough to inconspicuously fit in a pant pocket. If she agrees with it, remote controlled Vibro Eggs can also be slipped into her underwear or in her, leaving you with the remote to change the speed settings. Another plus is that they’re relatively cheap to come by, as far as sex toys go. Bondage Tape If you’re really into bondage or merely…


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