Ways to Avoid Getting Emotionally Invested in Your Affair

“Don’t get emotionally attached. It was just an affair” When women are asked what upsets them most about their husbands or boyfriends cheating, the answer usually has less to do with sex and more to do with an emotional connection. Women feel betrayed more by finding out their partner had an emotional connection with another woman rather than finding out their partner had sex with another woman. For this and for several other reasons, avoiding an emotional investment in your affair is important if you want to succeed. It will keep you from becoming dependent and it will help you keep from getting caught as well. Make and Establish Boundaries Establishing boundaries is one of the most important parts of making sure you don’t become emotionally invested in your affair. If you let your woman on the side cling to you and talk to you constantly, she will become emotionally dependent on you, and in most cases you may start becoming dependent on her as well. Know your boundaries. If you just want to hook up with a woman, don’t take her out on romantic dates, even if you think it may be the only way of keeping the relationship going. The more romantic you get with her, the more…

No Strings Attached Vs One Night Stands for Affairs

Looking for a great sexual fling outside of your steady relationship? A lot of men are, but they’re not sure exactly what they should go after. Both one night stands and no strings attached relationships seem like they’re going to be great fun, and they are. But how do they stack up for a man looking to get something extra out of life? Satisfactory Sex Generally speaking, no strings attached relationships come out ahead of one night stands when it comes to having better sex. The reason for this is that most one night stands happen while you’re drunk. You’re drunk, she’s drunk, and what seems in your head to be a night of intense sexual chemistry was actually just sort of drunkenly paying at each other in the corner of the bar. Sex might be your only goal while drunk, but drunk sex actually isn’t all that good. Not to mention that the really mind blowing sex doesn’t happen on first time together. The thrill of the new is awesome, but the best moves require trust and the knowledge of each other’s bodies. You can have thrills enough by knowing that you’re cheating with her. It doesn’t have to be your first time to feel awesome. Chance She’ll Find…

Don’t Let Your Fling Get the Wrong Idea

“Tell her that she is not your first priority” Sometimes a simple fling can end up backfiring on you when you aren’t careful enough to let her know how you feel ahead of time. If you don’t want to deal with the stress of your fling wanting more than you’re willing to give, make sure you make her fully aware of how far you’re willing to go. Let Her Know Where You Stand “Create boundaries in your relationship” When you want to avoid drama with your fling, you may have to periodically remind her where the two of you stand in regards to a relationship. If you have no desire for her to be more than just someone you occasionally sleep with, you need to let her know in advance. However, what you say and how you carry it out are extremely important so that you don’t upset your fling. If you have already told her that you are single (even if you aren’t), you will have to keep going with this lie. Do not suddenly tell her that you are married as they will only upset her and you may have to deal with her trying to get revenge. Instead, you should tell her that you don’t have the…


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