Ways to Prevent Her from Blackmailing You

Sometimes even the sweetest of women can be evil and revengeful when things don’t go their way. If you’ve been seeing another woman on the side, you may want to consider taking some time to make sure you’re fully covered in case her revenge of choice is blackmail. Make Her Think She’s In Control “Act as if you are struck” One great way to keep her from trying to blackmail you is by always allowing her to think that she is in control. It may be annoying, but letting her believe that she is calling all of the shots will help keep the pressure off of you. When she thinks you are willing to do whatever she wants without having arguing about it, she won’t have the desire to blackmail you. However, you will want to make sure what she’s asking of you is something that you are completely okay with. These should be simple things such as letting her choose where the two of you are going for dinner, or letting her decide on what movie to watch. You should also do things like periodically calling her or sending her sweet text messages. Even if you have no desire to leave your wife, make the other woman think that…

Finding a Sub Who Likes Being the Other Woman

If you’re into kink dating than you’re going to love being a cheater in a kinky relationship. You can have your second sub on the side and make her love the humiliation of being the other woman. If you want to have the most satisfying sex of your life as a kink enthusiast, then you can’t hold back from finding a sub who loves it when you cheat with her. Make It Part of the Game Check online for a sub who loves being humiliated. She’s the other woman perpetually, and you’re the man who makes her scream, and she’s just not good enough for you. Hype that aspect in your verbal play. If she was good enough, you’d leave your wife or girlfriend and be with her. This isn’t true, of course. It’s just framing your affair in such a way that it appeals to the part of her who wants to be humiliated. The fact that you keep her on the side is the key around which you can build a complex web of role-playing fantasies. Thin Ice: Cheating and Kink As sexy as a lot of subs actually find the humiliation and marginalization of being your other woman, cheating as a whole is frowned on in a…

Dating Her Sister: How to Keep it in the Family and Not Get Caught

Long-term relationships get stale after a while. We get it. When your sex life stalls and your romantic life is non-existent it’s only natural to start looking elsewhere for a place to get your kicks. So maybe her sister is a drop-dead hottie. Maybe she’s been flirting it up with you in the past. Maybe the time is right for you to get with that. The only thing is you don’t want to break up your current relationship. So how can youstart hooking up with her sister without everything else falling apart? Keep it Far From Home “Go outside with your girlfriend” If her sister lives in the same city / neighbourhood / zip code as you, you need to meet up with her elsewhere. The chances that you’ll run into someone you both know are too high otherwise. It might be tempting to get together at your favorite places, but keep in mind that if you’re there often people will probably recognize you. So get creative. Arrange meet ups in different cities. If taking it out of town isn’t an option you can always rely on smaller motel chains. These won’t be frequented by people you know which means you screw around in peace. Make Your Excuses Believable “Have…


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