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We didn't get a single date or hookup out of this site, but what we sure did run into were dozens and dozens of scammers, that the admins don't seem to care about cleaning up.

One look at has us worried, and for good reason–during our MarriedSecrets review, we ended up being mostly bombarded by scammers on this site. just doesn’t try very hard when it comes to eliminating those scams, and with that in mind, there should be no secrets about why our MarriedSecrets rating suffered.

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We Tested for 120 Days – Is It Worth Your Time?

We ended up spending a total of 120 days on our MarriedSecrets review, and during that time, we sent out 120 e-mails to ladies that we hoped were real.

From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a total of 57 replies overall. This was pathetic, as we normally at least want a 50% return rate. Only one woman wanted to meet up with us, but we didn’t show, and we didn’t get to have any fun.

Interpreting the Signs – Is a Scam?

This is one site that really just gives us headaches. The number of scammers present on this site isn’t fun at all, and it really drives us nuts to see more people joining regardless of that.

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You won’t be safe on here. That’s a fact, and we wish more people would figure that sort of thing out. in the News

Revving up her sex drive is a great thing, though it’s probably not going to end up happening on a horrible site like

The End Results – Should You Be Using for Cheating and Affairs?

We hated, and that’s why we’ll never recommend it at all. Instead, you should check out our number one site, LonelyHousewivesClub by It’s the best of the best.

20 Responses to “ Reviewed – Why Is a Disaster for Cheaters”

  1. Donkey Tasty gets a bad review from me. This is honestly one of the worst sites I’ve signed up for in years. I’m not exaggerating, sadly.

  2. The women on this site are ugly in comparison to women on other sites. If I’m going to cheat, it’s going to be for hot ladies.

  3. Clown Temporary

    I think this site is a scam. It kept wanting more of my information than I was comfortable giving and I didn’t like that at all.

  4. I’ve been hoping for a legit dating site for married guys for so long, and I really wonder if is the site for me.

  5. This site is not good. If you were thinking of using it, think again bc I can tell you right now that it isn’t worth your time.

  6. Go ahead, test out You’re just going to realize what I said was true and it’s one of the worst cheater dating sites out there.

  7. This one gets a low rating from me. The lowest of the low ratings, actually, because I haven’t been this disappointed in a long time.

  8. ToddlerToddler

    It’s 2014, can we please update this site? It looks so old. It’s getting a bad review from me, but not only for that reason.

  9. Sidney Straub

    You would think dating sites like would have a wide selection of reviews to read but it seems like this one doesn’t. Wonder why.

  10. Sites like this have just gotten worse and worse as the years go on. They found out they can scam ppl and now that’s all they do.

  11. Gruesome Sergeant

    I couldn’t NOT leave a review for after it pissed me off as bad as it did. I don’t think anyone should use this site.

  12. In comparison to other sites I’ve used, this one sucks. It just couldn’t seem to do anything right and I wasn’t impressed much at all.

  13. If you’re not sure if a site is a scam or not, look at the reviews…I did, and bc the reviews were all so bad I didn’t use it.

  14. Orville Davis

    Is legit? I’ve heard yes, I’ve heard no, and I really want to know what it’s like before I consider signing up or anything.

  15. If there’s anything good about this site I guess I missed it, because I thought the whole site was a total trainwreck in all honesty.

  16. Itchy Flaming Space

    I wanted to test out to see what it was like even tho I wasn’t expecting much and tbh, I got what I expected.

  17. If there’s a rating lower than 0 I’d love to give it to this site. Thinking a guy will lower himself to use this site is insulting.

  18. Gravy Brave

    I used this site at the very beginning on 2014 and now I’m leaving a review. I gave it a chance, but I didn’t really like it.

  19. Weston Highlands seems like an okay cheater dating site at first glance, but I haven’t even signed up yet so I don’t know much about it.

  20. I’m completely and entirelyd one with sites like this. All they ever do is disappoint me so I just won’t use them anymore, how’s that?


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