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It's the place to be if you want a bit of edge in your dating life. If you want a touch of kink, on this site, we had 2 dates and had hot hookups with both of them.

Sites like are some of our absolute favorites. They’re a ton of fun, very exciting, and really help you meet some ladies that you’d otherwise not be able to meet up with.

That’s why we were dying to try it.

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Our MarriedDateLink review was highly anticipated, because we knew the kinds of ladies that were on this site. These women are usually a little bit kinkier, or at least, more varied in what they like in the bedroom.

That means that honestly, is going to have something for everyone. Our MarriedDateLink rating skyrocketed while we were on this site, and for good reason: it’s fun!

We Tested for 120 Days – Is It Worth Your Time?

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If you need some discreet dates to spice up your life, you’ll find them on MarriedDateLink

We ended up spending a total of 120 days on our MarriedDateLink review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we met on this site.

The results were outstanding.

From those 120 e-mails, we ended up with an amazing 87 replies. Considering we normally want a 50% return, this was above and beyond our expectations by far.

From those 87 replies, 4 women wanted to meet up with us, and ultimately, 2 of them showed up. We hooked up with both of those ladies, though, so it was an incredible success, and a great boost for our MarriedDateLink rating.

The Gold Standard: Two Messages That Were Worth Their Weight on

Email 1: “Hi, Katrina. I saw that you really love scuba diving, which is one of my favorite hobbies as well. I’m curious as to where you’ve had a chance to dive so far, maybe we can compare stories.”

Email 2: “Hi, Mary. I see that you’re really into collecting seashells, and your collection so far is amazing. If you ever want to come down to one of our local beaches, I know that there’s some great variety around there.”

What Helps Cheaters Prosper on – Top Features

We loved this site because the ladies on it really are ready to go and know what they want. That means you have to beat around the bush less–most of them are on the same page.

You can really be yourself on here, and we loved that. Most of these ladies are really sane, and that’s a great crowd to have on a site for sure.

The Secrets to Success – Tactics You Need to Use on

This is a site where you can be a bit raunchier at times, but remember, always stay classy. If you’re classy but fun, you’re going to go a lot further than you’d ever imagine.

This is something that’s really going to set you apart. Most men can’t do both, and that’s why you have to learn.

Improvements Needed – What Should Work On

There aren’t exactly scammers on this site, but you will see escorts from time to time. They’re easily reportable, however, so just avoid them.

You aren’t going to get what you want if you just chat with people like that, so avoid the escorts, and stick to the real ladies. in the News: Cheaters Really Can Prosper

Knowing why people lose interest in sex is important, though that certainly won’t happen on sites like

There are a lot of things that can effect a sex drive, so keep that in mind on

The End Results – Should You Be Using for Cheating and Affairs?

We loved, and it’s our number five site without a doubt. Check it out, and you’ll end up really being able to see some incredible differences in your love life!

35 Responses to “ Reviewed – Digging into Our #5 Choice for Cheating”

  1. Donn Roberts

    I didn’t think I’d be the type to leave a review but here I am writing one. This site is really good and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know that needs to get laid.

  2. If there’s a comparison to be made between this site and another one that seems better, don’t both making it. There’s no site better than this one, so don’t bother looking for it. Trust me.

  3. I knew this site wasn’t a scam and I knew it would be okay, but I didn’t know it would be THIS good. Seriously, I think it’s safe to say that I was blown away.

  4. I can’t put my finger on what I like or don’t like about…tbh, I’m just here to get laid, not to judge the site on everything about it. I have better things to do.

  5. I’m not sure if other sites are good, but I know that this one is. I don’t care about other sites because here’s no way they’ll be as good as this one is. No way.

  6. Dillon Jackson

    If you haven’t signed up to test out, you don’t know what you’re missing. Let me fill you in on it: the greatest dating site you’ll ever use, so why havent’ you signed up yet?

  7. This site deserves the highest rating the scale has to offer because it is doin EVERYTHING right. Some sites just don’t get it, but this one defiintely does. It was so refreshing to see that.

  8. Next time I’ll remember to leave a review in the same year I actually use the site (in this case, 2013) but today is not that day. I doubt the site has changed, so it’s still good.

  9. I’ve been around the block a few times before with these dating sites but is one that I have not used yet. Can anyone tell me what it’s like? Maybe a comparison to other sites?

  10. I’m done with sites like this. Not because I’m mad, but because none of the other sites like this will ever be as good as this one and I don’t want to even bother with them.

  11. Houston Swink

    A review is in order for and I’m here to provide it. This site is great. Flawless messaging system, easy to customize and read profiles…it was great all around, at least I thought so.

  12. If you think there’s a site that’s better in comparison to this one, you’re wrong. I’ve used so many dating sites and I’ve never used one this good, so I’m starting to think it doesn’t exist.

  13. Snappy Smuggler

    If the site tries to scam me out of money I’m guaranteed to not like it and this one definitely didn’t do that. This wasn’t a scam and it let me meet so many hot women.

  14. I think seems legit but I only think that because my friend told me. I haven’t even signed up for the site myself yet and I don’t knoww if I will to be honest…

  15. If yo uthink there are sites better than this one, I don’t know what to tell you. This one is the greatest good there is and I don’t think I have a single criticism to make about it.

  16. Ashley Kepple

    I wasn’t going to test out but I had so many people recommend it that I figured it was time to, so I did. I signed up and had three sex dates within the day.

  17. A rating isn’t usually necessary for these sites but I’ll assign it one. 5 stars, 10 out of 10, everything about this site is great and I want everyone to know that about it tbh.

  18. I thought 2013 was good, but this year is turning out to be even better. This site is making life worthwhile and for that reason I just have to leave a good review for it.

  19. I guess is a dating site specifically for guys cheating on their wives? That’s what I am, so I’m wondering if this site would be good for me. Another affair couldn’t hurt, I guess.

  20. Sites like this are amazing and I’m glad they’re available. Married guys get shamed for having affairs but there was none of that here and that’s what I really liked about it. There’s nothing bad!

  21. I think a review of is enough to convince ppl they should use the site. That’s what convinced me o finally sign up and use it, so it could convince someone else, who knows?

  22. In comparison to other sites I’ve seen (tbh I haven’t used too many) this one seem much better than them. I wish there was something more to say, but just know that the site is really great.

  23. Dugong Stray

    Someone somewhere said this was a scam…that’s so not right. This site is 100% legit and I don’t want anyone to be confused about that so I’m here to set the record straight for good.

  24. There’s nothing I hate more than sites that fool you into thinking they’re legit and end up just being really shitty. I’m seriously hoping that isn’t like that, or I don’t know exactly what I’ll do.

  25. I’ll never think another hookup site is good again after I used this one. Honestly, my standards have been completely changed and made very much higher bc of this site. Never thought that would happen!

  26. Rocco Giesen

    Test out and I promise you’ll see what I mean. If you’re a married man who wants to have an affair, you NEED to be on this site or I can promise you’re missing out.

  27. I would never give a site a rating it doesn’t deserve and that’s why I had to give this site a high one. It’s great at everything it does and the women are looking for sex.

  28. Fast Opossum

    I didin’t think 2013 was the greatest year but this year is shaping up to be pretty good. I’ve been using a few sites that I’m leaving good reviews for bc they’re great to me.

  29. Not sure if it’s worth mentioning that I used because I’m not much help as far as reviews go…I barely remember what the site was like at all, hardly enough to give anybody any advice about it.

  30. I have serious doubts about sites like this because of the way the homepages look but I’m glad I gave this one a chance. I wasn’t disappointed with that decision once I’d started using it.

  31. Clifford Knapenberger

    If has any bad reviews I’ll be shocked. I know I certainly would never give it a bad one and I don?t see how anyone else could not like his site, in all honesty.

  32. There’s no comparison when you look at this site and others, simply bc this one is better than any other site on the Internet right now and that’s completely undeniable. Some sites are just amazing.

  33. Solid Tidy Donkey

    I think almost every dating site is a scam but I never thought that at all about this one. I was completely comfortable and not only that, I was enjoying myself as I talked to these women.

  34. I’m never sure if sites are legit or not until I use them and with the bad ones, that’s too late. I’m thinking about joining but I need to do some research first tbh.

  35. My life has been a lot better since I just accepted the fact that my marriage was going to be lost if I didn’t have an affair. Now, life is good thanks to this site.


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