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This site just screamed scam, and we were unfortunately proven very right. Any legitimate activity is absolutely minimal, and you can see the private investigators swarming from the walls.

We just had to roll our eyes at It’s one of those sites that just screams scammers, and during our MarriedCafe review, it became more and more obvious.

It shouldn’t be a secret that our MarriedCafe rating plummeted the moment we started seeing private investigators. They ruin your fun, and on, there are a lot of them.

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We Tested for 120 Days – Is It Worth Your Time?

We ended up spending a total of 120 days on our MarriedCafe review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 120 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

From those 120 e-mails, we only ended up with a total of 39 responses overall. Not a single woman wanted to meet up with us, either, and that’s why our MarriedCafe rating was awful overall.

Interpreting the Signs – Is a Scam?

This site is empty. If you can look at a site and observe the minimal activity on it right from the start, then it should be pretty obvious that it’s just not going to end up working for you.

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That’s what happened here, and we were ready to pull our hair out. If there aren’t any women, there’s absolutely no way that you can possibly get laid on a site like this. in the News

Sexy lingerie can really amp up your affair, though that’s not going to help much on sites like

The End Results – Should You Be Using for Cheating and Affairs?

We couldn’t stand, and that’s why we’d never recommend it. Instead, you should check out LonelyHousewivesClub by, our number one site that really does work.

20 Responses to “ Reviewed – Why Is a Disaster for Cheaters”

  1. I don’t normally leave reviews for these things but in the case of I can make an exception. It’s one of the most terrible things I’ve seen.

  2. In comparison to other sites, this one definitely falls short in a lot of important ways. I’m done using it for a while, I think.

  3. It says “join for free” but who knows if it really stays free? That’s my concern. It’s probably a scam like all the other dating sites.

  4. Augustus Birdsall

    I’ve been looking at the homepage of for a while now and I can’t decide if it looks legit enough for me to bother signing up.

  5. I’ve used sites that juust aren’t good before but I’ve rarely used ones that were so bad they made others look good. This one does.

  6. Silver Rocky Rat

    If you want to test out, that’s fine, just keep in mind that you’re not actually going to meet anyone, let alone hot ladies.

  7. I don’t understand how anyone could give this site a high rating, I really don’t. What is there to like about it? Tell me that.

  8. Tasty Empire

    I thought I left a review right when 2014 started but I guess I forgot. I can leave a bad one now. I doubt it’s gotten better.

  9. Jacob Lineman seems like an okay dating site, but appearances can be deceiving. I won’t know until I sign up, soI’ll go and do that now.

  10. Sites like this need to be stopped entirely. They keep scamming people and keep fucking us over and they’re not shut down. Someone fix that.

  11. I want to review because I didn’t like the site and and I didn’t actually meet anyone on it. That?s the worst part imo.

  12. There’s really no comparison when you look at this site compared to others. It’s clear to see which is good and which isn’t. Just take a look.

  13. Ugly Rusty Saint

    This site keeps asking for credit card information and it keeps trying to scam me so at this point I am completely and entirely done.

  14. Ramon Kellogg

    If you’re wondering if is legit, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I guess the only thing to do is sign up and find out, right?

  15. I’ve used sites that arent’ good but I’d never used a site this bad before. That’s all I have to say on the matter tbh.

  16. Disappointed Smoke

    Go ahead and test out and then you’ll see what I mean about how bad it is. You’re only going to regret it imo.

  17. Is there a rating lower than 0? This site deserves it. Talk about a site that isn’t even trying. Why should I bother? They don’t.

  18. Intense Wolverine

    I didn’t think 2014 was going to be a good year but I think it will be now. I just needed to leave a review and get away.

  19. Leslie Hardie

    Has anyone used this dating site I keep hearing about? I need to know if I should use it or not because I don’t know.

  20. I’m never using any other sites like this again. If they’re anything like this one, they’re not going to do anything except piss me off.


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