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This site is a classic that can't be ignored. The massive community is clean and secure, and the powerful search engine landed us 7 great dates and 4 hot nights.

AffairsClub is a classic that you just can’t ignore. It’s the kind of site that really made us want to come back for more right from the start, and trust us, we’re picking in our reviews. Our AffairsClub review just ended up really standing out.

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It’s clean.

The main reason for that is the site is incredibly clean and easy to use. You’ll be safe on AffairsClub, and that’s something that we really were able to relax about in general.

Our AffairsClub rating really reflects how comfortable we were on this site, and that’s a fact. We loved not having to constantly look over our shoulders the whole time we were using it.

We Tested Affairs Club for 120 Days – Is It Worth Your Time?

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We ended up spending a total of 120 days on our AffairsClub review, and during that time, we sent out 120 e-mails to ladies that we knew weren’t just more scams on this site.

The results came back amazing.

From those 120 e-mails, we ended up with a total of 96 responses. This was well above and beyond our expectations, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled by that.

Out of those 96 responses, we had a total of 9 ladies that wanted to meet us, and ultimately, 7 of them showed. We ended up sleeping with 4 of them, which was amazing for sure, and really effected our AffairsClub rating.

The Gold Standard: Two Messages That Were Worth Their Weight on Affairs Club

Email 1: “Hi, Emily. I see that you’re really into showing cats, which I think is really interesting. I’ve never actually done it myself, and I was wondering what it all entailed.”

Email 2: “Hi, Tabitha. I see that you’re going to school to be a chef, and I think that’s awesome. If you ever need someone to be a taste tester of sorts, you should definitely count me in!”

What Helps Cheaters Prosper on Affairs Club – Top Features

This site has a very active community, but you won’t end up feeling swallowed up by it. That’s a huge thing that we really loved about this site, as it’s active without being crowded.

The other great thing about this site is that you can really find what you’re looking for. The search engine seems powerful enough to pick up individual kinks, and we do love that.

The Secrets to Success – Tactics You Need to Use on Affairs Club

On a site like AffairsClub, it’s important that you’re open and fun about your kinks. This is the kind of thing that’s going to draw ladies to you without a doubt in our minds.

If you’re fun and open about it all, you’ll get a lot more attention and that’s a fact. Don’t skip this part, or you won’t get as much attention.

Improvements Needed – What Affairs Club Should Work On

This site does have some old, dead and inactive profiles, and we do hope that they take the time to clean that up in the future.

We hate profiles like this because they bog down search engines, and they also make it easy for scammers to take them over and ruin our fun.

Affairs Club in the News: Cheaters Really Can Prosper

The lingo of BDSM can really add some spice to your Affairs Club affair, so keep that in mind and check out this article:

Porn can actually be a great tool for you and your affair, so keep that in mind while using Affairs Club:

The End Results – Should You Be Using Affairs Club for Cheating and Affairs?

We absolutely adored AffairsClub, and that’s why it’s our number two site overall. You definitely need to check it out, as the numbers don’t lie: it’s one of the best of the best, and one that we definitely want to end up coming back to in the future.

35 Responses to “AffairsClub Reviewed – Digging into Our #2 Choice for Cheating”

  1. Henry Joyce

    I should leave a review for now that I’m done using it. I really liked the site an dit got me the affairs I needed to get through rough spots in my marriage, thankfully.

  2. I think this site makes other sites look terrible in comparison. When you’re up against greatness, you just can’t compete. It’s a pure and simple fact, why do other sites try? It’s a useless effort.

  3. Tough Torpedo

    I thought this site was a scam at first bc the homepage was so…boring. Now that I’ve used it I can assure you that isn’t true, so if you need to get laid you should probably sign up.

  4. I’m on the fence with how I feel about Don’t get me wrong, it’s a completely legit site, I just can’t decide my personal feelings about it. Sorry for being so wishy-washy about it.

  5. I never thought my entrance back into the good old world of dating would go off so flawlessly. I’m still married, and this is just what I needed to have some fun on the side.

  6. Kenneth Spring

    If you think it would be a waste of time to test out, you’re wrong. This is a site that every married guy seeking an affair should try out bc it’ll probably work for him.

  7. A high rating is all I can do to show my appreciation for this site. I really loved everything about it and I’ve joined the legions of men who are having affairs! It feels good.

  8. I had one affair for most of 2013 but now that it’s a new year I want to have more…I used this site and it’s already working for me so I had to leave a review.

  9. I guess dating sites are okay as a general rule. I’ve only used a few, so I don’t quite know what makes one good or not. I hope signing up for is a good decision.

  10. I hadn’t used too many sites like this but now that I’ve used this one I’m not sure I can use others. This one was really good and I don’t see another site surpassing it.

  11. Major Jerome

    Writing a review for was something I just had to do. This site was great and I have nothing but good things to say about the way it works and the women on it.

  12. In comparison to all the others I’d used in the past this site seems amazing. I used some pretty bad ones and this one changed my opinion on and standards for dating sites forever tbh.

  13. Purple Alpha

    My friend said this site was a scam when I told him I thought it was good, but I think he’s just jealous that he’s not having any sex bc his wife is distant, and I’m getting laid.

  14. I’m hoping that is legit, because if it isn’t I’ll just have to start looking for another site again. I don’t enjoy hunting for legit sites, I really don’t. They shouldn’t be so hard to find.

  15. I didn’t think this site woul dbe any good at first, so imagine my surprise when it was not only good, it was GREAT! I’ve never used a site that ran so flawlessly before, honestly.

  16. Toney Burney

    I decided to test out after I heard good things about it from a friend and I’m glad I did. It was one of my better decisions, right after when I decided to have an affair.

  17. There isn’t a rating that exists that’s high enough to be what this site deserves bc this is just plain gold. Hot women, easy-to-use site and no shame for wanting to cheat. I loved that.

  18. I wish the site would update its appearance to match 2013, but other than that I liked it so I’m going to say my overall review of it is very favorable. It’s very good imo.

  19. I’ve been out of the dating world for a while but I’ve recently divorced my wife and I’m looking to make a new connection. At least in the bedroom…that’s why I’m looking into rn.

  20. I usually don’t like sites like this bc I don’t think they work but damn, this one was really a welcome change. Everything I needed and more. I’m glad I joined when I did tbh.

  21. Sidney Weidemann

    A review of is in order, and I have a lot to say. I know it’s not relevant tho, so I’ll keep it short. This site is great for any guy who wants to get laid.

  22. There’s really no comparison when you look at this site against others, because this one is where it’s at. All the women on here are hot and ready for a hookup, so you’ll have great affairs.

  23. Risky Steady Hurricane

    I’ve used scam sites before (unfortunately) so trust me, this is NOT a scam site. This isn’t the best out there imo, but it’s certainly not the worst either, so don’t go saying things that aren’t true.

  24. Does anyone know if is legit? I’ve been looking for reviews but it seems like no one talks about the part of the site that I really want to know about the entire site.

  25. There’s nothing on this site that isn’t good, that isn’t GREAT, actually! The site is great and the women are hot and eager to get laid, so you’ll have no trouble finding one to hook up with.

  26. Branden Paul

    When I see a new dating site I always figure it deserves a test run, so that’s how I eneded up on I’m glad I did bc the site is amazing, in my opinion.

  27. Giving this site a high rating seemed like a no-brainer for me, I don’t know why it isn’t apparently the same for everyone else. What’s not to like, honestly? This site is the best thing to ever happen.

  28. Bloody John Stoker

    The site didn’t look good when I found it in 2013 but once I got over that and used it, I realized it was a pretty good site that deserves a good review like any other.

  29. If you think dating is difficult you’re obviously not going about it the right way. I’ve decided to start using online sites to look forwomen to hook up with and I think I’m going to try first.

  30. Sites like this are a lifesaver when you need to get laid and your wife just doesn’t want to. I’m a man, I need what I need, alright? I’ll find it somewhere else, trust me.

  31. Phillip Jewell

    I knew I had to leave a review for the minute I signed up. From the beginning I was asounted by how good this site was compared to others I’d seen in the past.

  32. If you want to look at a site that’s bad in comparison to this one for some perspective, it’s easy. Just look at ANY site, bc none of them are as good as this one.

  33. Dugong Stray

    This site is NOT a scam and if someone tells you otherwise to keep you from using it, don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous that they can’t get laid at all, I’m pretty sure.

  34. It’s hard to believe that a site is legit when I’ve had so many issues with sites in the past. To be honest, that’s why I’m having trouble deciding if I want to sign up for

  35. Wow, I’ve never used a site this good. I’ve used a lot of dating sites, too, so that’s definitely a high compliment in this site’s direction, you guys can trust me on that for sure.


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