Cheater Prep: the Tech

Technology is the thing that will end up making or breaking your affair, and that’s a fact. When you’re reading cheater dating site reviews, you’ll see a ton of people that get caught just because they don’t cover up their electronic tracks…and that’s something we’re going to help you avoid.

Technology keeps you in touch.

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While technology is obviously the thing that’s going to help you stay in touch with your lady, it’s also the thing that your wife can check to see if you’ve been sneaking around behind her back.

This is why it’s incredibly important to keep separate phones, if nothing else, for your affairs. By doing so, you won’t end up caught and with your marriage ultimately ruined.

You also want to be able to keep separate devices as it will help you avoid cheater dating site rip offs. You don’t want scammers getting your real number and bombing your phone with messages.

Hide your stuff.

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This might seem like common sense, but it’s important for you to hide your extra phone or laptop if you have one. This way, your wife isn’t going to figure out that you were on a discount cheater dating site last night.

Even on that laptop, you should constantly clear your history. If you clear your history and cache every time that you use it, you stand a much lower chance of getting caught.

You should also always use a browser that isn’t the regular one on the computer. Don’t have an icon for it on your desktop. This will help you hide your information even further.

Use a different e-mail.

Again, this might seem like common sense, but so many men out there just try to group everything together…and it ends up backfiring intensely. Use a separate e-mail for your affairs, definitely.

You also don’t want your date to be able to find out about you, so a separate e-mail will keep her from doing research on who you really are, and where you work. This is imperative, and will keep your lives separate.


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