Why You Should Seek out Married Women

“Married women are more experienced in bed”

If you want to have an affair for whatever reason, chances are that you’ve been seeking out younger single women to hook up with. While this does have its benefits – younger women are more likely to be wild and crazy in bed – it can also have its drawbacks. You might not have ever considered seeking out married women for your affair, but it can be the perfect solution. While married women may not be as young or crazy as the women you’re used to seeking out, they can wind up being your best chance for a solid and stress-free affair.

She Understands Where You’re Coming From

Obviously, a married woman will understand what it’s like to have an affair, since that will be exactly what she’s doing with you. You will not wind up with a younger woman who doesn’t understand what you want from an affair, and she won’t cling to you or demand too much of your attention. She knows the reasons why someone would want to cheat, so she will not be spending much time judging you, either. Having an affair with a woman who is in the same position will make things much easier on the both of you in the long run, especially compared to having an affair with younger, more immature women.

She Doesn’t Want the Wrong Kind of Commitment

“She knows that this is a casual relationship”

Women who are already married and seeking a man to have an affair with are not going to be the type of women who want to get committed to the men they date. Unlike younger women, who may become clingy and needy and want you to commit to them, married women are playing the same game you are. They know that sometimes affairs need to be kept short or cut off unexpectedly in order to save face. She won’t push you or try to get you to leave your wife for her, at least more often than not. This is one of the biggest downsides to dating younger women, so seeking out a married woman will ease your mind of these particular worries and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

She’s More Discreet

Women who are married and cheating on their spouses are running the same type of risk that you are. They don’t want to be discovered and they go to great lengths to keep their affairs secret. Therefore, they’re already going to be much more discreet than any younger woman you may hook up with. A married woman likely knows all the tips and tricks already, so not only will she be more secretive, she will understand the lengths you have to go to in order to protect your relationship as well. She’s also much less likely to rat you out than a young single woman might, so it is a more advantageous and secure affair in pretty much every regard. While they may not always be as young or sprightly as what you’re typically used to going after, married women can be your best choice of affair.


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