To The Point Ways to Ask Her Out

There are plenty of advice columns about subtle ways to get a woman’s attention or polite ways to ask her out on a date. But sometimes you seriously just need to get to the point and tell her that you want to go out with her. While these moves are brash and could get you a rejection, more often than not they pay off with; you guessed it, a date. That’s because by being straightforward you’re giving off maximum confidence and minimum fear. Most women will be pretty swept up in your approach and might seem like they’re in a little bit of a haze when you propose going out.

We’re Going to Lunch Together

When you’re with a group of friends and meet one of their other acquaintances the option of having lunch together works very well. After meeting her for the second or third time, you simply find a moment where not a lot is going on while you’re all together and tell her that you’re eating together. If you’re at a college campus you can always make it sound as if you’re going to the cafeteria and then pull a fast one by taking her off campus.


“We’re going to lunch together.” At this point you’d offer her your hand or help her with her stuff. She’ll be slightly confused, but say okay because you’re a minor acquaintance and her friend likes you well enough. What harm is there in lunch? As you walk away a little bit you add, “Oh, and by the way we’re not eating here. Does (restaurant) sound good to you?” She’ll be taken aback and a little delighted at the spontaneity of it all.

Ask Her for Her Number

“If she is reluctant to give her number then give yours”

This one is as simple as it sounds. Preferably you have some sort of multiply encounters with this woman, but they don’t have to be personal. She could be a classmate, your barista, or even just someone you see at the bus stop a lot.


“Hey, I never see you outside of (class, this coffee shop, this bus stop) but I’d like to. Can I have your number?”

You’re going to be way ballsy to approach her this way and she’ll probably be a little bit turned on by that. If she is too hesitant to give it, then just leave it.

Be Alike

“Find some similarities and start talking to her”

This one is a ladykiller. Find a woman and start talking to her. Hopefully you see her pretty regularly so that you can keep a running tab of how many things you have in common. Get to as high a number as you can and pick one or two of your similarities. Maybe you’re both crazy for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and terrible B movies. Figure out what number you’re on and then make a sign that labels the next one as “We’re dating?” Obviously this works only if she’s single.


Take the peanut butter cups and a copy of your mutual favorite B movie in one hand and a sign that says: “#35: We’re dating?” It’s totally cheesy and she’ll love it. You are assuming that you have enough in common to date and declare it so.


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