The Proper Way to Feel Her Up

All right, so she just took her top off and is down to her sexy little bra. You go in for the unveiling, but she stops you. It’s looking like she wants you to slow down and savor the moment. When it comes to the foreplay part of getting it on most guys are pretty well accustomed to letting their attention go straight for the trim. But really you’re missing a key part of what makes women beautiful: their breasts. Breast is a lovely word for the soft mounds on her chest. When you start to refer to them as tits or titties they lose some of their charm. For the sake of not making this all sound so clinical lets go with boobs. It’s not as pretty, but it’s not as objectifying either. So what are you to do with such lovely bosoms?

Give Them a Better Cup

“Hug her from behind and touch her breast”

Of course we guys are going to want to start fondling her as soon as we see any sort of cleavage, but we should also keep in mind that she’s feeling all of this too. The best way to start feeling her up is to cup her boobs while you’re standing behind her. Her brain will release oxytocin (a.k.a. the feel good hormone) and make her comfortable with taking her bra off. You can massage the girls a lot more easily and feel the full weight of them in your hands. While the view is better from the front, getting at it from behind is where it’s at.

Pucker Up

It might be because we all came from women, but for some reason men love to put their mouths on boobs. It’s just awesome. They’re so soft and round and the nipple fits perfectly. If your woman doesn’t mind having her boobs touched then you should definitely try this. Use your lips and your tongue to give her a massage all over them, but be careful. Too much pressure might be creepy, or even worse, painful. These are tender things, so be tender with them.

Put Up a Barrier

“Seducing her properly will lead to better sex”

Having a bra on isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. While you might be stoked to get at what’s underneath, you’re not thinking about her. If she’s wearing a sheer bra then the sensation that she’ll get from you rubbing her will be different than skin-to-skin contact. Even after she’s taken it off try rubbing different fabrics against her breasts. It might look silly, rubbing at her with a square of lace, but she’ll appreciate the effort. Even more than that, she’ll get turned on by the soft caresses that your hands can’t always achieve.

Be Gentle

It’s always best to experiment with your woman and see what works best for the both of you. But above all you have to be gentle. It does not matter what you’re trying on her, the key is to treat her boobs like soft bags that could break if you touch them too hard. You can always make your motions firmer later.


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