Stand Out In a Crowd When Trying to Get the Girl

“Give her a smile while looking in her eyes”

With the billions and billions of people that inhabit our planet these days it can feel like you’re just one of the many fish in the sea. That’s just on a day-to-day basis. When you’re trying to go out and get a girlfriend the feeling can be even worse. First of all you aren’t going for just any woman. You’re trying to find the right one that also wants you. So that cuts out a few million before you’ve even started. But there are ways you can stand out in the crowd when you’re trying to get the girl.

Put Down Your Phone

“Talk to her instead of talking on your phone”

Since a majority of us pretty much pop out of the womb with phones in our hands nowadays it almost seems like being on your phone constantly is like breathing. The truth is being on your phone puts you into a world of your own. You might be messaging someone, tweeting, or even looking up weird porn. Whatever you’re doing, it makes you totally unapproachable. Take this for example: remember that time when you were in an awkward social situation? You were (on the bus, at the hospital, waiting for your food order, etc.) and you didn’t want to talk to anyone. All that you would have said is a simple hi and maybe some awkward dialogue. Or worst, the older man next to you might have started talking about the good old days and how many broads he used to bang. None of these are awesome situations to be in. So what do you do? Pull out your phone and start doing something on it. You might even just be pretending to text. This puts up a block between you and the unwanted attention. Well now you want that attention, and you’re still putting up a block out of habit. Or it might be because the fish aren’t biting the way you want them to. As awkward as you may feel you can’t just escape to Texting Land. You’ve got to stick it out and wait for the right lady to make eye contact with.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

Using these two things in conjunction will make you a winning force when it comes to getting a girlfriend. Putting on an open, friendly face with a smile and CASUAL eye contact will make you look welcoming. Notice that casual is in all caps. That’s because far too many guys tend to think that eye contact means that you stare at her until your eyes meet. No, you look her way when she walks by and then let your gaze continue. Meeting her eyes for a few moments is a way to invite her to notice you. When you stare at her she’s going to notice, whether she’s looking at you or not. That’s only going to give her the vibe that you’re creepy. Being creepy is not the best way to stand out in a crowd or to attract a woman.


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