Small Signs That She’s Mad At You

It’s easy to tell when a woman is really pissed at you. She might yell and scream or threaten to leave. But the fierce in-your-face anger is obvious. What’s even more dangerous is when you can’t actually tell if she’s mad. As men we’re oblivious to the little signs that a woman might use when she’s mad. She says “I’m fine” and we move on. But there are more small signs than we can comprehend that she’ll use to tell you what’s going on. Take note of them and you could become her dream guy.

“I’m Fine”

“Oh yes. She is mad at you for some reason”

If you still think that this little phrase means that she’s actually fine then you’ve been living under a rock. This is the quintessential sentence of a woman’s anger. She says that she’s fine because she expects you to know better. The sentence itself is short and to the point, more often than not accompanied with a complete lack of warmth in the voice. If she looks less than happy and sounds like ice then you should recognize her anger and either back away slowly or ask what you can do to help.

She Doesn’t Text You First

Women like to do those lovey-dovey things like text you first thing in the morning with a big kissing emoticon. Then she asks about your plans for the day and sees what the two of you are doing. If you got into a fight and you thought it ended well, see what happens the next day. If she doesn’t text you first then you’re in deep shit. The best thing to do would be to pick up the phone and actually call her. You’re showing initiative and letting her know that you noticed. The longer she has to sit around waiting for you the bigger the anger storm in her mind is going to get. And those lightning bolts are only aimed at you, buddy.

Short Responses

“She’ll reply to your text in one word”

Whether it’s in a text or in person, a short response is a bad thing-always. One-word answers pretty much mean that you have some serious groveling to do. Three word answers mean that there is still some hope for you since she’s bothering to respond. But the worst than you can get is the simple “k”. This is shorter for okay and it means that she wants you to know how mad she is. She’s only responding with one letter to indicate that if she could just send you a blank text she would. In real life the same thing goes. A silence would say that something is wrong, but calling attention to it with one letter is making you realize that there’s not just awkwardness, there’s a pissed off woman.

She’s Way Too Happy

This one can definitely throw some guys for a loop and is hard to detect. When you’ve been around a woman for a little while you’ll realize when she’s happy. If she’s acting over the top and her brand of happy is faker than some Sweet ‘n’ Low then she’s actually mad. The logic is that her normal way of showing it isn’t working, so now she has to resort to this.


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