No Strings Attached Vs One Night Stands for Affairs

"I would like to see you more often"

“I would like to see you more often”

Looking for a great sexual fling outside of your steady relationship? A lot of men are, but they’re not sure exactly what they should go after. Both one night stands and no strings attached relationships seem like they’re going to be great fun, and they are. But how do they stack up for a man looking to get something extra out of life?

Satisfactory Sex

Generally speaking, no strings attached relationships come out ahead of one night stands when it comes to having better sex. The reason for this is that most one night stands happen while you’re drunk. You’re drunk, she’s drunk, and what seems in your head to be a night of intense sexual chemistry was actually just sort of drunkenly paying at each other in the corner of the bar. Sex might be your only goal while drunk, but drunk sex actually isn’t all that good.

Not to mention that the really mind blowing sex doesn’t happen on first time together. The thrill of the new is awesome, but the best moves require trust and the knowledge of each other’s bodies. You can have thrills enough by knowing that you’re cheating with her. It doesn’t have to be your first time to feel awesome.

Chance She’ll Find Out

"Make sure that your wife does not get to know about your affair"

“Make sure that your wife does not get to know about your affair”

When it comes to the odds that your girlfriend will find out about this, you want to go for one night stands. These little encounters happen with strangers most of the time, and the rest of the time with people it would be too awkward to ever talk about it with. If you and a coworker were indiscreet after an office party, for example, that’s not the kind of thing that she’s going to be spreading around. One night stands reflect badly on the women who have them, so you can be surer that she’s going to keep them to herself. It’s easy for a woman in a no strings attached relationship to pretend that you and she had a full relationship so she doesn’t look like she’s easy if she were to blab on you.

How Much Do You Have to Lie

One night stands also pull ahead with how much you have to lie. Generally speaking, the less you lie; the less chance that you’re going to trip up. If it’s a one night thing (or even a succession of one night encounters with different women) it’s going to be a lot easier to cover for. You don’t have to think up a reoccurring alibi, and there’s much less chance that the women involved will tell your girlfriend about it.

In two of the three major criteria for an affair, one night stands come out significantly ahead. It’s no wonder. They also have the advantage of making it far less likely that emotions will get involved. Though a true no strings relationship would have zero emotional commitment, most couples can’t keep it up for that long. If you’re looking to indulge yourself with sex outside of the relationship you’re committed to then you should definitely look into a one night stand.


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