Little White Lies That Your Date Might Tell You

“She is just playing hard to get”

Going out on a date is like going to a job interview. Neither of you know each other but you’re looking for the best candidate to be your partner. So you ask questions and exchange some banter. Everyone is judged on appearances and what they say. So, just like in a job interview, someone is going to lie. Whether you do or not is your own business, but you want to try to get some honest answers out of her too. This isn’t to say that she’s going to lie through her teeth at you, but there are a few little white lies that your date might tell you.

“No, It’s Fine, I’ll Pay”

All right, so this one isn’t exactly a lie in and of itself, but it’s not the whole truth. Most women, even in our modern times of equality for all, expect the man to pay. Depending on the date, she’s going to pull one of these fine maneuvers. If it’s the first date she may at least rummage through her purse. In that case you offer to pay. Most likely she’ll accept and you pay. If it’s been a few dates and she does the same thing you offer to pay again, but listen to how she objects. If she seriously says that she wants to help pay then go Dutch, but don’t let her pay totally. Going Dutch means that you each pay half. That’s the fairest way to go about it. But occasionally your date will totally lie and say that she’ll pay without even reaching for her purse. If she doesn’t have the decency to even pretend to rummage through her bag then she gets a mark against her in the long run.

“I’m Not Ready for a Boyfriend Right Now”

“She’ll tell you that she has other priorities in life”

So if the dates seem to be going well or at least mediocre then you might think that you’re in the clear. But suddenly she pulls out the line: “I’m just not ready for a boyfriend right now.” Well crap. Why has she been dating you then? The truth is that she’s not entirely telling the truth. What she actually means is she’s not into what’s going on but doesn’t want to be a total bitch about it. While you might be upset that she’s dumping you, she’s actually trying to be nice about the whole thing. Making up a line about not actually wanting a boyfriend means that this isn’t your fault, it’s just not something she’s into. Some similar versions to watch out for are: “I’m so busy with my job that I just don’t have time to date” and “I just came out of a bad relationship and I’m not looking to have a boyfriend so soon”. While you’ll know that she’s rejecting you, just go with it. Letting her know that you see through the crap won’t make anything easier or better for either of you. This is one little white lie that you can just let go.


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