Keeping the Other Woman – Things to Tell Your Fling So She Doesn’t Leave You

"Explain her that you cannot live without her"

“Explain her that you cannot live without her”

It’s not unusual that when you have reached a point in your relationship at which you start considering affairs that you’ll find your fling becoming new relationship potential. It may not be what you plan to happen, but it’s not possible to completely rule it out. Once you do find yourself in this situation, you’ll also want to be honest with your potential new partner to avoid her having hard feelings over you keeping your current relationship a secret. But some women have issues with being involved with already taken men, so you’ll need to find a way to keep her until you’ve broken up with your current partner. Situations like that have certain critical points and when you reach them, you have to make the right choices.

When Confessing to Still Being Involved

Once you’ve realized that you want things to work out between you and your fling for more than just a few nights of fun, you need to take the risk of telling her of your current involvement. No one enjoys being lied to, nor is it beneficial for a possible future relationship when you’re keeping big secrets. If you do and it comes out at a later point, she’ll constantly question if you have any other metaphorical skeletons hiding in your closet. Of course, confessing always brings a risk of her not being willing to be the other woman. Here it’s good to admit that you weren’t planning on getting involved on an emotional level and explaining why you’re being unfaithful.

Prove Your Trustworthiness

"Tell her that you cheated her because you were not happy"

“Tell her that you cheated her because you were not happy”

In connection to confessing your reasons, you’ll also show that you’re not unfaithful by default. You’re just not satisfied with the current situation. Taking the step from being the fling to being the one true relationship partner takes a great leap of faith for anyone. After all, there’ll always be some niggling of doubt. This is why you need to show that you appreciate her trust in you and prove that it’s not a wasted endeavor. You might not be used to it anymore from your current status, but you’ll have to open up again and trust her in return. In turn, she’ll have a better understanding for your situation and be more flexible in the next situation.

She Won’t Wait Forever

Taking the step from your dissatisfying current situation to the unknown field of a new relationship with your fling is always a risk, simply because you’re planning to switch out the well known for something entirely unfamiliar. Many who want to take this step need time to do so, which is, to a point, understandable. However, sooner or later your fling won’t be willing to exercise more patience. Simply promising her that you’ll break up soon won’t cut it. Give her sensible reasons for why you’re still hesitating, like needing a new flat or the current financial situation making a divorce difficult. She won’t always tolerate these apologies, especially not if you use them over and over again, but they’ll certainly buy you some time in the beginning.


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