How to Subtly Check out Other Women

“Check out other women behind her back”

Going out on dates with your girlfriend or wife can start to become a serious drag if you aren’t being satisfied by the relationship. You would probably much rather be on a date with a woman you’re having an affair with. However, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go out on a date with your girlfriend or wife in order to keep her happy and make sure she doesn’t get suspicious about anything. You’ve probably been tempted to check out other women while you’re out with your partner before, but if she catches you doing this, there is bound to be trouble. Knowing how to subtly check out other women will help keep you safe and out of trouble.

How to Do It without Getting Caught

The first thing you should take into account when trying to check out other women is that there is a right and wrong way to go about it. If you ogle a woman’s assets for an extended period of time, your woman is bound to notice. Quick glances are much easier to hide and much easier to explain away, but the long stares are what can kill you. If you know your woman has a sharp eye on you, limit yourself to quick glances and try to look around at everyone nearby equally before turning your attention back to her. Always make sure to look at your woman longer than anyone else so she feels reassured. Never turn your head to look at a woman’s assets, no matter how tempting it may be, unless you have a very good lie ready. Your woman will notice this very easily, so you should always avoid it if possible.

Make It into a Joke

“Say something funny if she catches you checking other women”

One particularly courageous way of checking out other women without your partner minding is by making it into a joke or taunt. If you find yourself checking out another woman, you should incredulously remark upon the kind of clothes she’s wearing or how big her butt is. Always follow this up with a compliment about your wife or girlfriend, exclaiming upon how much more attractive and stylish she is. The best thing about this is that if she catches you staring, you can come up with a good reason why. The downside is that this can become obvious if you do it too often, so be careful.

Distract Her to Buy Time

Obviously, if you’re going to check out other women you don’t want your partner to see. The best way is to make sure that she’s not looking at you to see where your eyes are going. The best times to do this are when she’s looking at her menu at a restaurant or looking at something else. Point out interesting things in your vicinity to get her to look elsewhere, then get in a quick ogle of the nearby women. Again, if you do this too often you are bound to raise alarm bells in her mind, so you should always be careful how often you try this method.


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