How to Be Direct When You’re Being Discreet

When you’re set on being discreet, it can be hard to actually find a woman. You’re so set on being careful that you’re too cautious to even make a move on a woman. When you’re ready to stop thinking about cheating and actually get to meet a woman, follow this advice to actually score.

Sign up with a Cheating Only Site

"Sign up with a site where you can find cheating women"

“Sign up with a site where you can find cheating women”

If you’re serious about getting some action, you should head to a cheating only site. There you can find women who really understand what you’re going through. Not only that, but you’ll be able to speak freely about the various complications that come with dating outside of an established relationship. It might be harder to fit dates into your schedules, but both of you will be clear about why that is. If you’re looking to be able to speak freely, head to these sites right away.

Let Her Know It’s a One Night Thing

If you want to be direct and take control of your love life, you can’t always admit that it’s an affair. In that case, make sure that you’re upfront about what you’re asking for. You don’t want to find true love here. You want to have a wild night that you’ll never regret. She’s in or she’s out. When you’re looking for some on the side you have to be in a position of strength. There are plenty of fish in the sea. There’s no reason to go begging after one particular woman. If she’s not willing to do what you want, then she might not be willing to keep your affair a secret. If she’s not willing to have a one night stand, then she’s not going to be the kind of woman you want to have around. For long term affairs, you need to wear the pants in the side relationship.

Put Your Real Relationship First

"Remember that your wife is your first priority"

“Remember that your wife is your first priority”

If you’re ever not sure if you can or should sneak out to see your affair, you should think about how it would affect your real relationship. Even if you’re having a great time with your fling, you can’t put that good time ahead of your real relationship. There’s a good reason why you haven’t left her. If you have to choose between having your main woman pissed at you and having the woman you’re seeing on the side pissed at you, you have to choose to be good with your main woman. Otherwise, what’s even the point of having an affair? If that bothers the woman you’re seeing on the side then you need to lay things out for her: she’s second, and she’s always going to be.

You’re getting some on the side, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be overly cautious. Once you know exactly what you want it’s up to the women you’re seeing to either give it to you or not. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so don’t pander after a woman who makes demands you’re not ready to meet. Stick to the cheating sites until you find a woman willing to see you at your convenience.


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