How Long Is the Perfect Affair?

"Have some sexual fun with her"

“Have some sexual fun with her”

Finding true love is more art than science. Having an affair, however, is more science than art. You’re not here to fall in love. You want to have the maximum amount of fun possible, and part of that means that you want to avoid having a nasty, protracted break up phase. You should have the most fun you can and then bail. So, how long should your perfect affair be?

Need a Full Cycle

Before we look at weeks or months we need to look at what the perfect affair should contain. You should have a full romantic arch, just compressed. There needs to be the chasing phase. This is where you flirt with her and find out whether or not she’s going to be a woman you’re going to pursue. This gives you the thrill of the chase. Some men consider this to be enough. As long as they can chase a woman they don’t feel the need to actually cheat on their wife or girlfriend. For most men, the chase is merely phase one. Some guys prefer a long chase. If you’re interested in a coworker, good friend of your girlfriend, or someone like that you should be prepared to chase for a while. If you’re meeting online, it could be only a few minutes while you chat with her.

After the chase comes the capture. This is the first blush of the new relationship or association. The sex is fantastic and you spend every day wishing that you could see her again right now. This is the best part of the relationship. Unfortunately, it’s also the shortest.

The complacency period comes next. It’s when you’re comfortable with a woman, but things aren’t so spicy red-hot anymore. You’re happy, but not happy. This is the last period that you need to have, because complacency always blends into the decline of the relationship to the point you don’t want to see her anymore.

For you to get the full satisfaction out of an affair, it needs to have all these parts to it. However, how long these parts take varies from situation to situation.

End Things a Little Too Soon

"End things in a good manner before she becomes clingy"

“End things in a good manner before she becomes clingy”

The best thing that you can do for your affair is to end it a little too soon. Like the old adage to keep them wanting more, you need to get out of your affair while it’s still good. Sticking around to milk the very last drop of good from it could take a long time, and it will be a long, mostly boring period where you’re not having as much fun as you could. You want to snip that complacency period right in half. A little is all right, so you feel good about the affair and feel that it came to a good conclusion. But once things become more familiar than exciting, it’s time for you to move on.

The Sweet Spot

For most men, the sweet spot in a relationship is right around the three-month mark, counting from the time you first pursued her. If you take about a month to get her to say yes to your then you’ll have been together about two months. By that point in the relationship, there shouldn’t be that many sexual surprises left. Cut that loose and move on to the next lady who can thrill your body and give you that pure rush of confidence.


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