Handy Toys for Your Date

It’s almost always exciting and new, when you’re out and have the opportunity to have a one night stand, casual date or a fling. There’s nothing wrong with ‘just’ having sex, but neither is giving it all a kinky spin for some more fun. You can’t always end up at your or her place – not to mention that it’s incredibly rude to go rummaging for her toy stash – so when you want to give your date a night to really remember, it’s a great idea to have small toys on hand.

The Vibro Egg

"Please her by using a vibro egg during your one night stand"

“Please her by using a vibro egg during your one night stand”

Vibrators and other powered toys aren’t necessarily for female masturbation purposes only. It’s no secret that it takes women longer to reach an orgasm and there are no rules that forbid the use of aid to get her there. Vibro Eggs come in different variations and the majority of them are small enough to inconspicuously fit in a pant pocket. If she agrees with it, remote controlled Vibro Eggs can also be slipped into her underwear or in her, leaving you with the remote to change the speed settings. Another plus is that they’re relatively cheap to come by, as far as sex toys go.

Bondage Tape

If you’re really into bondage or merely like playing around with it every once in a while then bondage tape is the best alternative to bulky and expensive ropes. As restraining someone always comes with a certain amount of risk of causing chafing by using wrong materials or cutting off the blood flow when tightening the bonds too much, bondage tape is also one of the safest restraints to use. In an emergency, you can easily cut through all layers of tape.

You don’t have to carry around the whole roll, especially not if you’re not taking your car to where you’re heading. Simply cut off the length you think you’ll need, roll it up and slip it into your pocket. Because it’s self-adhesive, it won’t unravel while you carry it and you won’t need to place complicated bondage knots that take a while to learn. Unlike the normal tape you’d find in every household, it also won’t hurt your partner when removed. In any case, it beats using scarves or neckties where the knot could tighten itself.

Penis Rings

"Penis rings come in various size options"

“Penis rings come in various size options”

Don’t let yourself get fooled by the bad reputation that tends to cling to penis rings. Against the common misconception that it’s a non-medication solution to premature ejaculation, penis rings can do much, much more than just allow you to go on longer than your usual. Just like Vibro Eggs, penis rings come in all shapes and variations, amongst others including single use vibrating rings and some shaped to be beneficial to her pleasure as well. Of course, the latter are often slightly less practical to carry around in your pocket, but they just show one of the many possibilities of penis rings.

Whatever you choose, all or just one of these toys, remember to keep them sanitary and cleanse them after use, unless they’re not reusable. That way, you can enjoy your toys with any partner much longer.


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