Forbidden Thrills: Getting a Woman with a Cheating Kink

"Some women find cheating to be thrilling"

“Some women find cheating to be thrilling”

If you think that being in a relationship is always going to drag you down in the dating scene than you’re living in a different world. Out here there are plenty of women who prefer their man to be committed to someone else. Whether she’s a single mom whose first priority is her kids, meaning a fling with a committed man fits perfectly into her schedule, or a busy business woman who likes knowing that she doesn’t have to give up her career for you, you have plenty of options. The best one though is women who prefer being the other woman as a kink.

Scope the Kink Sites

If you want to have the best fling of your life, then you should scope out the kink sites. Even if you’re not a kinky guy over all, you should look for a woman who’s into humiliation and control. Most guys can get into this a little. That’s all you really need to please her; the biggest draw for her will be that you’re already in a relationship.

Cheating is a somewhat taboo topic even among really kinky communities, so you should be prepared to have to look around a little to meet a woman who’s open about what she wants. There are a lot of different boundaries in kink dating than in vanilla dating, so if you’re not used to the community you should hang out and observe for awhile before you fill out your own profile with the intent to actually meet women.

Use Fact Based Role Playing

To bring your fling to life you two can use fact based role-playing. Basically, instead of having to make up a bunch of details and then role-playing them out you stick pretty close to the facts. You just change a couple key details. You can pretend that she’s the maid hired to clean your mansion and that you’re the head of the house who’s cheating on his wife with her. All of the cheating details can be the same, such as when she has to leave so you can be sure that your wife won’t find out. This type of role-playing is easier on you than any other kind, and the reality of the situation blends nicely into whatever other little game the two of you want to run.

Be Careful about Evidence

"Do not call her at a wrong time"

“Do not call her at a wrong time”

The only risk with having a kinky woman as a lover is that the thrill is really what motivates her. If there’s not a strong risk of getting caught, she won’t get off on it. For the most part you can count on this risk being mostly in her head. However, you should still be on the lookout for any evidence she might leave lying around. The risk of getting caught is what makes it good for her, but actually getting caught would ruin it for you. Make sure that she’s not trying to cause any drama in your real life.

Over all, the best affair partner you can have is a woman who gets insanely turned on just by the thought of cheating with you. Don’t be afraid to look on kink sites to find her.


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