Finding a Sub Who Likes Being the Other Woman

If you’re into kink dating than you’re going to love being a cheater in a kinky relationship. You can have your second sub on the side and make her love the humiliation of being the other woman. If you want to have the most satisfying sex of your life as a kink enthusiast, then you can’t hold back from finding a sub who loves it when you cheat with her.

Make It Part of the Game

"Find a kinky woman online"

“Find a kinky woman online”

Check online for a sub who loves being humiliated. She’s the other woman perpetually, and you’re the man who makes her scream, and she’s just not good enough for you. Hype that aspect in your verbal play. If she was good enough, you’d leave your wife or girlfriend and be with her. This isn’t true, of course. It’s just framing your affair in such a way that it appeals to the part of her who wants to be humiliated. The fact that you keep her on the side is the key around which you can build a complex web of role-playing fantasies.

Thin Ice: Cheating and Kink

"Fulfill your kinky desires with this hot woman"

“Fulfill your kinky desires with this hot woman”

As sexy as a lot of subs actually find the humiliation and marginalization of being your other woman, cheating as a whole is frowned on in a lot of kink communities. If you want to avoid pissing off a bunch of kink enthusiasts, keep your relationship on the down low. Once you’ve had a few meetings with a sexy lady you think would be really into her other woman status, you can reveal the big secret and work it into your play.

If you really want to be upfront with them or gain access to the ladies who are into cheating role-play but not actually cheating, just say that you’re in an open relationship where the two of you prefer not to know who else the other is sleeping with. This lie will keep the ladies you bring over or hook up with considerate; they’ll clean up after themselves and in general go out of their way not to bother your wife or girlfriend with the knowledge that someone else was there.

Fulfilling Other Needs

If your wife or girlfriend is great but vanilla, working cheating in with your kinky mistress is a great thing to do. You need to have your needs met, and if she’s not doing that then you should take it elsewhere. It’s not your wife’s fault that she’s not kinky just like it’s not your fault that you are. Pressuring her to fill that role for you is just going to make you both unhappy. When you have your basic, kinky needs filled elsewhere you can go to bed with her free from resentment. That will lead to a happier, healthier, and more stable relationship. Getting a kinky mistress really boils down to taking pressure off of your main relationship.

When you’re on the lookout for another woman, don’t just check out the coffee shops. Head online and join a kink community to get in touch with what you really want out of this affair.


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