Coming up with the Perfect Cover Story

"Make her believe your excuses"

“Make her believe your excuses”

Having flings is like a tightrope walk. Usually, you don’t want your partner to find out, because it’s not the relationship you’re bored with, but the lack of something in bed. So, out of necessity, you’re forced to come up with cover stories to avoid raising any red flags. Sadly, it’s not really possible to generalize and offer a fail-safe cover story that won’t get you caught. A good cover story suits you as a person and will sound believable to your partner and possibly your partner only. So here are some guidelines to narrow down your choices:

What Unbelievable Stories Lack

As pointed out before, cover stories should suit you and your life, meaning that they have a personal reliability. Nobody would believe an adult saying that their parents aren’t allowing them to go out, unless their parents are bed-ridden and in need of assistance. Accordingly, you need to think about what you enjoy doing and things you tend to do a lot. Of course, these will only work so long, which leads to the next missing piece in many unbelievable cover stories – a reliable witness. This will have to be someone you trust to cover for you, but also has the trust of your partner. Having someone like that is not really necessary, but it will make it easier, especially if your partner get’s the idea of calling the place where you’re pretending to be.

What Unbelievable Stories Have in Abundance

"Don't get too excited while covering up your lie"

“Don’t get too excited while covering up your lie”

Your speech patterns are the most deadly give-away when you’re trying to cover up your fling. Lying tends to make you talk faster and more excitedly, because you’re tense and wary of getting caught. You will also repeat things a lot when you’re questioned about any details and tend to pause longer than usual to come up with answers. This is why you should prepare your story in advance with as many details as possible. You shouldn’t offer all the details of course, as that may seem strange as well. But in case you need them, you won’t have to think them up off the top of your head. Another advantage of preparing a cover is that like with a presentation, the more you internalize it, the more relaxed you’ll feel. So in one step, you can counter two problems cover stories commonly have. To sum it up: try to remain relaxed and think up some details up front.

The Most Common Offenders

Some stories are actually so commonly used that applying them yourself is highly likely to make your partner skeptical. Longer hours at work, going out for a drink with colleagues or friends, and the phone battery died are actually pretty commonly used. Should you decide to use them anyway, make sure that you don’t use them too often. You can only have so many extra hours at work without getting more money, just like you shouldn’t come home from a night out drinking without having taken a single drop of beer yourself and that you’ll find yourself trying not to get a new phone on your partner’s suggestions after it ran out of batteries again. Don’t be afraid to get a bit creative, just make sure you’re believable.


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