Will She Blackmail You?

“Just imagine what might happen if she blackmails you” When a woman is angry, there are no limits to what she will do. If you’ve never been blackmailed before, you can consider yourself lucky. If you want to make sure that you never experience what it feels like to be blackmailed by a woman, there are a few things you can do to help decrease your chances of letting your well-being fall into the wrong hands. She’s Too Demanding “She wants you to leave your wife” Some men enjoy a demanding woman. Whether they get turned on by an extremely assertive woman, or they’re simply amused by it, some men just like for their women to call the shots. It is fine if you’re the type of guy who likes assertive women. However, remember to keep in mind that some demanding women can be quick to blackmail you if they don’t get what they want. You should look out for things like playful blackmailing. This is when you there are no problems between the two of you and you know for certain that she is just joking. For example, if you’re standing naked in front of her and she laughs and says she’s going to push you outside if you…

Why You Should Use Cheater Only Sites

There are a thousand and one ways to meet your next fling. Often, it seems like you have way more options when you’re dating someone than you did when you were single. If you want to happily cash in on the fact that having a girlfriend is cat nip to sex kittens, then you need to stick to cheater only sites so things don’t come back to bite you. Here’s why you should never, ever choose a bar crawl over a trip to a cheating website. No Risk of Blackmail When you engage with a woman on a cheating site you know that the biggest risk of any affair is taken care of. The last thing that you need in your life is a woman trying to blackmail you. If you date just anyone she could turn it into an opportunity to take away everything you have via focused blackmail. For a lady you meet on a cheater’s dating site that just isn’t going to be the case. You can blackmail her just as easily as she blackmails you. Therefore you’re at a draw, and you can be sure that she’s not going to want to get into something that would also ruin her life. Your secret is safe. She…

Why You Should Seek out Married Women

“Married women are more experienced in bed” If you want to have an affair for whatever reason, chances are that you’ve been seeking out younger single women to hook up with. While this does have its benefits – younger women are more likely to be wild and crazy in bed – it can also have its drawbacks. You might not have ever considered seeking out married women for your affair, but it can be the perfect solution. While married women may not be as young or crazy as the women you’re used to seeking out, they can wind up being your best chance for a solid and stress-free affair. She Understands Where You’re Coming From Obviously, a married woman will understand what it’s like to have an affair, since that will be exactly what she’s doing with you. You will not wind up with a younger woman who doesn’t understand what you want from an affair, and she won’t cling to you or demand too much of your attention. She knows the reasons why someone would want to cheat, so she will not be spending much time judging you, either. Having an affair with a woman who is in the same position will make things much easier on the both…

Why One-Night Stands are Better than Friends-with-Benefits

Some people like to argue about whether or not a one-night stand is better than being in a friends-with-benefits relationship. Why being friends with benefits can be nice, we think that one-night stands have more to offer you than a friends-with-benefits could ever hope to. Before you decide that friends-with-benefits is right for you, take some time to discover the great thing about one-night stands. Less Drama “Almost all relationships go through a drama phase” When you have a one-night stand with someone, it greatly decreases your chance of having to deal with a drama queen later one, especially if the woman you were with doesn’t have any of your contact information. Sometimes you may simply be looking for sex without any type of relationship involved. Regardless of what anyone else may tell you, friendship is still a type of relationship. As you know, relationships require effort for both parties and more often than not, they require give and take. If you have a friends-with-benefits relationship with a woman, you may never know what to expect from her. One minute she may call you to tell you how badly she wants you inside of her and the next minute she may call you and ask you to help her move…

Why Cheating with Your Coworkers is a Good Idea

“You can flirt during your office time” Deciding to cheat with a coworker can be both fun and a little bit tricky. As long as you’re mindful of your surroundings, you can definitely carry out a side relationship with your coworker successfully and with little issue. They Have Something to Lose Just Like You Many people will tell you to avoid dating coworkers because they believe it will lead to workplace drama. However, we happen to think that dating your coworkers is actually a great idea. One reason that you should consider dating your coworker is that they have something to lose. The economy still isn’t the very best and none of us can really risk losing our jobs, so chances are your coworker isn’t going to do anything that draws attention to either of you. Another great thing that comes along with dating your coworker is that you get to see them practically every day. While some men may not like the idea of seeing their woman on the side every day, it may work out well for you. If you spend all day with them and maybe an hour or so every now and then after work, you won’t want to risk trying to sneak away from your…

Why Cheating with an Older Woman is a Good Idea

If you’re ready to cheat but aren’t sure who to cheat with, you should consider having a fling with an older woman. Older women have experience and knowledge that she can offer to you that will help you better with your own cheating. Most importantly, cheating with an older woman can be downright fun. They’re More Experienced “Older women are sexually more experienced” Chances are that when you cheat with an older woman, she knows exactly what to expect. In fact, she has probably been the other woman at least once in her life, so she more than likely won’t get mad when she finds out that you’re already in a relationship. Many times an older woman really just wants to find someone to sleep with when the urge arises. You don’t have to worry about older women whining and complaining and wanting to know what you’re doing every second of the day. She probably has her own business to attend to and knows that when the two of you meet up, it will be worth it. Sometimes an older woman can show you exactly how to cheat, helping you to decrease the risk of getting caught. If you are certain that she has your best interest in mind, listen…

What to Do When the Kids Find Out?

“Your fights will have a bad effect on your kid” While it may be stressful when children find out that you’ve been cheating on their mother, there are a few things you can do to help convince them to keep everything under wraps. Bribe Them “Give him a chocolate and tell him not to tell his mom” Believe it or not, it’s more than possible to bribe your children into keeping quiet when they discover that you’ve been seeing someone else other than their mother. However, before you go off to buy the new XBOX One, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Depending on how old your child is, bribing may only last for a short time. If you have younger children, you will have to be careful about what you tell them. Calling the other woman, “Daddy’s lady friend” has disaster written all over it, so try to avoid the friend title altogether. Instead, you should tell your kids that the other woman is someone who works at your job, and then immediately distract them with a gift. Do not tell them that if you buy them the gift that they can’t mention the other woman to your wife. This will almost always…

What to Do When She Wants to Get Too Serious

“Umm… I need time to think” Everything has been going great with this new lady you’ve met. She’s funny, hot, and can really keep up with you. This is the good life. But then she says she wants to talk. That’s never a good sign. Even though the topic is meant to be upbeat, you’re just trapped in a corner because she says she wants to get serious. It happens to the best of us, but you thought that you could escape it a little bit longer. Getting more serious with her will mean that you’ll be her legit boyfriend. Not just the guy she’s dating or having sex with. There will be new responsibilities like buying her tampons and being there when she needs someone to yell at. It’s not awesome, but you’ve got to deal with it. Here’s how: Prepare Your Argument You’re going to have to have something to say immediately since this is a talk, but that doesn’t mean you have to address the issue. The best response that you can have is to thank her for her feelings and tell her that you want to take time to process this. You don’t have to literally say “Thanks for feeling that way”, instead try the more…

Ways to Prevent Her from Blackmailing You

Sometimes even the sweetest of women can be evil and revengeful when things don’t go their way. If you’ve been seeing another woman on the side, you may want to consider taking some time to make sure you’re fully covered in case her revenge of choice is blackmail. Make Her Think She’s In Control “Act as if you are struck” One great way to keep her from trying to blackmail you is by always allowing her to think that she is in control. It may be annoying, but letting her believe that she is calling all of the shots will help keep the pressure off of you. When she thinks you are willing to do whatever she wants without having arguing about it, she won’t have the desire to blackmail you. However, you will want to make sure what she’s asking of you is something that you are completely okay with. These should be simple things such as letting her choose where the two of you are going for dinner, or letting her decide on what movie to watch. You should also do things like periodically calling her or sending her sweet text messages. Even if you have no desire to leave your wife, make the other woman think that…

Ways to Avoid Getting Emotionally Invested in Your Affair

“Don’t get emotionally attached. It was just an affair” When women are asked what upsets them most about their husbands or boyfriends cheating, the answer usually has less to do with sex and more to do with an emotional connection. Women feel betrayed more by finding out their partner had an emotional connection with another woman rather than finding out their partner had sex with another woman. For this and for several other reasons, avoiding an emotional investment in your affair is important if you want to succeed. It will keep you from becoming dependent and it will help you keep from getting caught as well. Make and Establish Boundaries Establishing boundaries is one of the most important parts of making sure you don’t become emotionally invested in your affair. If you let your woman on the side cling to you and talk to you constantly, she will become emotionally dependent on you, and in most cases you may start becoming dependent on her as well. Know your boundaries. If you just want to hook up with a woman, don’t take her out on romantic dates, even if you think it may be the only way of keeping the relationship going. The more romantic you get with her, the more…


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